MATAMATA COFFEE is, above all, the adventure of two friends, Gaël and Gérald.

It was during a holiday in Australia,  home of the "speciality coffee culture", that Gérald discovered this world and sparked his interest for this generous and complex product. Upon returning to France, Gérald successfully completed a barista-roaster training course and his skills quickly allowed him to become a "latte art" pro and a recognised barista on the emerging Parisian coffee scene. Since the beginning of his barista experience, Gérald dreamed about what would one day be his own café. After working for several years in several different cafés, his dream has finally become a reality.

As for Gaël, while he navigated parts of the country every week, striding along the asphalt and the railroads of France in his consultant tie and suit, he developed his entrepreneur's instinct and this sharpened his thirst to create his own business. From here onwards, both friends were thrown in the adventure together!

"But why Matamata?"

Maybe you know all about Hobbits, the breeding of tortoises or grass plains covered with sheep?  It is New Zealand, the "land of the long white cloud " which inspired our adventure.  Matamata  is a town of the region of Waikato, where Leigh comes from. In 2008, Leigh and Gaël got married in Matamata and Gérald surprised his best buddy Gaël by turning up on the other side of the world for this special moment. The choice was pretty easy to call this adventure "Matamata" which in reality, started a long time ago.  

Why not stop by to say 'hi', taste a good coffee and write the rest of the story with us?

See you soon at Matamata Coffee!